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from £60

A consult with me can be shaped to your requirements - just drop me a message to let me know what you'd like to cover and we can set up a price, time and process for you.

Some ideas of consult uses are:

  • Problem Skin
    I can help you find ways to apply the best makeup for oily/dry/problem skin, to both look good and maintain good skin health
  • The best every day look for you
  • Corporate make up
    Many companies now include a makeup policy as part of the dress & presentation policies. I can help you define a look for your staff members to help them look their best, how they feel comfortable - without reflecting poorly on your firm.
  • Weddings
    Some brides want their entire party to be made up in a specific way. Whilst that can be a wonderful aesthetic for images, you need to be careful - as what suits you won't suit everyone
  • Contouring
    With many contour methods available, it's hard to define your look and just what's best, I can help you find the perfect look.
  • Modifying Looks
    How to make a day look into an evening look. ‘From work to party’
Katie Giles

Katie Giles Makeup Artistry specialises in bridal and occasion makeup. With a background in the Beauty industry as-well as management, Katie has always been driven to do more, not only more; but something she has such a passion and love about.

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