Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes i have Public Liability insurance, please ask if you need a copy as i know some venues request them

Do i pay for Travel?

Yes i charge 60p Per mile after 10 Miles from my address which is the same for the return journey, this is applicable for the Trial and the wedding day.

Should i come without make up for the Trial?

It can be helpful for you to come to the trial with your usual make up on so i have an idea of what your comfortable with.

What products are used?

The Majority of my kit is Bare Minerals, i only use high end products for my clients. If the client has a specific request i am happy to discuss this.

What information is needed?

  • Name of the client;
  • Date that the services are required for
  • The time that the client needs to be ready for
  • Name and address of the venue where our services are required
  • The actual services required and for how many people
  • Any important information we should be made aware of, such as: a particular makeup, if there any specifics about the client’s skin that are important, if there are any sensitivities to particular products, etc.

How do i secure my booking?

To secure a booking with me i take £50 deposit, either at the trial or anytime before. This secures my availability on the agreed date and time. The deposit is deducted from the final amount due. Enquiries for which a deposit has not been paid are not confirmed and therefore my availability cannot be guaranteed

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits will be fully refunded if I am notified 12 weeks before the wedding date, the deposit will be retained if less than 12 weeks notice is given.
For all other bookings no charge will be incurred if we are notified of the cancellation 24 hours or more before the booking date, the full charge for the booking will be incurred if less than 24 hours notice is given.

When should i have my Trial?

I would recommend between 3-6 months before the wedding day, trials can be booked as far in advance as required. It will be the clients responsibility to inform me of any reactions they may have to the products used so I can make sure these products do not get used on the day.

How long does the make up take?

Bridal make up takes approx 1 hour on the wedding day and for anyone else approx 30-45 mins. I always advise my clients to schedule more than enough time for hair and make up the morning of their wedding.