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Makeup Lessons

from £60

Do you want to be more confident with your makeup?

Would you like to learn a smooth smokey eye?

Want to add contouring to your makeup routine?

Perhaps you're experienced with the application but struggle to find the right styles?

Many women have no real training when it comes to makeup, and whilst it's not always needed - some could do with a little extra help.

The makeup lessons I offer don't just teach the methods or techniques I use. They begin with a skin consultation - as your skin type will change the way makeup looks, and how long it lasts. We'll then talk about the looks you're going for and how they can be implemented.

Many women are stuck in a rut and wear the same makeup day in and day out, then when it comes to evening looks they worry they will look too made up. It is not surprising women feel overwhelmed as there are thousands of different products out there, with my experience I can help you refresh your day and evening look and we will have fun doing this at the same time!

As women mature, their makeup should change with their changing face, Makeup lessons can help teach you the best ways to enhance your changing skin, as well as outline some key styles which suit you.

I also teach younger women and girls about makeup. It's no secret that girls often begin to experiment with makeup in their early to mid teens - often running full force into a huge range of styles simultaneously. This crash-course helps girls learn techniques to cover up blemishes, contour smoothly, match colours to their skin tone and more.

The lessons start at £60 for 1 hour, with a 3 session package for £160.

Katie Giles

Katie Giles Makeup Artistry specialises in bridal and occasion makeup. With a background in the Beauty industry as-well as management, Katie has always been driven to do more, not only more; but something she has such a passion and love about.

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