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Prom Makeup Artistry

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Be the envy of your friends by having your makeup professionally done in your own home or a location of your choice. If you want to get together with friends, I am happy to offer a group price depending on numbers. You can have a trial session where we can get the look you are dreaming of, with strip/ individual eyelash extensions to finish off that picture perfect look.

My extensive kit consists of Bare Minerals makeup. This range of makeup is used to produce a flawless, smooth finish, without the greasy/heavy/ shiny look that some other foundations can leave. Check out my Facebook or Instagram page for examples!


Finding inspiration for your look can be a difficult task! You don't want the makeup to be excessive, yet achieving the perfectly subtle look can be a tough balance. The trial is about finding the right base colours, blush/ bronzer, eye colour and lip stains/gloss for your skin tone and outfit. We'll also have the opportunity to play with dramatic vs subtle eyes, liquid liner effects and the right lashes to suit you. On the night we're unlikely to have the time for experimenting with styles, then washing everything off and starting over again until you're perfect.

The Big Night

I like to estimate 1hour for a full application, so it's a good idea to schedule in advance with your hairdresser and car/departure time. It's important to dress after having your makeup done, so you might need someone to help you get dressed without smudges when you're madeup. It's usually safe to estimate your makeup will last up to 12hours. At your trial, we can select the colours you'll be wearing, so you can buy them before hand.

Katie Giles

Katie Giles Makeup Artistry specialises in bridal and occasion makeup. With a background in the Beauty industry as-well as management, Katie has always been driven to do more, not only more; but something she has such a passion and love about.

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