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Special Events Makeup

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Maybe you have a night out, birthday party, a day at the races or even an interview. I can help you achieve that perfect flawless look that will make you feel great for your special occasion, or why not book our services for a loved one?

Days Out

Day makeup can be tricky! Let me use my experience to find the right look for you, whether that will be dramatic and strong or Elegant and soft If you're attending Ascot Ladies Day, a specific garden party or maybe a family event, I'll help you look your best! We'll discuss how long you need the makeup to last, and walk through the touch-up methods, so you stay looking fresh and beautiful all day.

Nights Out

Galas, balls, fancy dress - night makeup is often dramatic and elaborate! Which means getting it right can be both difficult and stressful. Whatever the occasion, we'll plan your look, the best method to make it last and, again, show you ways to touch up the makeup through the night, so you can dance away without fear or loosing your look!


Some women don't spend much money on themselves, especially in the areas they should like quality products! So a gift-voucher for a makeup session of their choice is perfect! It covers most of the makeup application services I offer (excludes any wedding makeup) so that whatever they have planned, they can look their best! The gift can be for a specific service of your choice, or for a specific value allowing them to select a service or upgrade.

Katie Giles

Katie Giles Makeup Artistry specialises in bridal and occasion makeup. With a background in the Beauty industry as-well as management, Katie has always been driven to do more, not only more; but something she has such a passion and love about.

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